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Please click here (our Facebook page) for more information and details how you can provide support. You can use the blue "Donate" button to make a donation using your debit/credit card, or PayPal.

Corporate and Business Sponsorships are available for either
the Fielder House Museum and/or the Knapp Heritage Park Museum.

Sponsorship needs include:

$30,000.00 for the production of an MP3 Audio Tour of the Fielder House Museum.

$30,000.00 for the production of an MP3 Audio Tour of the Knapp Heritage Park.

$10,000.00 per HDTV LCD Screens
including 9 for Fielder House & 9 for Knapp Heritage Park.
Price Includes screen,
plaque of sponsorship,
HDTV broadcast production between 5-10 minutes of programming. 
(Total Project: $180,000.00.)
$90,000.00 Fielder House Museum
$90,000.00 Knapp Heritage Park Museum

$100,000.00 Capital Campaign Improvements
to restore the Fielder House Museum.

$75,000.00 Capital Campaign Improvements
to upgrade Knapp Heritage with cement walking paths, lighting and building enhancements.

$10,000.00 for a Theater and Sound support
in the 1910 one room schoolhouse
for LED HDTV televisions
to accommodate meetings and educational field trips.

$50,000 to $100,000 underwriting of Documentaries and Educational Features
on Arlington Area History
for Educational Programs, Travel and Tourism support and development. 
Some programs targeted at national film festivals and potential PBS award winning time slots nationally.

Sponsorships of Exhibits