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Our Past is a Present to our Future

Hello neighbor! Welcome to your historical connection.

The Arlington Historical Society, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization, originally called the Cemetery Society, was founded in 1887. Then and today, our members are dedicated to gathering and preserving historical information and items relating to the founding and growth of our city.  Today the historic Fielder House, Fielder Museum, Knapp Heritage Park, and the Arlington Heritage Memorial Grounds all are part of the Arlington Historical Society venues. We continue to grow through our dedicated residents, by birth or choice, who understand the importance of the past in relation to the present. Old-timers and newcomers alike all work tirelessly to save, restore, and preserve Arlington's historical treasures. 

Our focus in preserving the past is to keep up with the current times and technology too. The Arlington Historical Society has endeavored to keep everyone connected to our history. We are proud to be Your History Connection!

We will connect you to our city’s history through the Fielder Museum, Historic Fielder House, Knapp Heritage Park, and the Historic Cemeteries on Arkansas Lane. You can connect through our tours, programs, changing exhibits, and special events. We present the Face of Arlington - people, places, and things through these venues. We work hard to preserve and share Arlington's history through our renovations and exhibits to help others learn more about our city.

We are excited to have you visit any of our historical sites. Get in touch with Arlington’s past and see how many Faces of Arlington you recognize!

See you soon,

Geraldine Mills

Arlington Historical Society



Become a member of the Arlington Historical Society. Join a dedicated group of your fellow citizens in working on our historical legacy. There is room for ANY talent, from mounting exhibits, to setting up for events, to demonstrating old-time activities like making cornhusk dolls -- or simply lend your moral and monetary support. We are grateful for any support and membership you choose. Your support plays a vital role in keeping Arlington's past a present to the future.

The Arlington Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donations may be tax-deductible.

Family - Lifetime Membership

$500 One Time Donation

Individual  - Lifetime Membership

$250 One Time Donation

Family -Annual Membership

$50 Annually

Individual - Annual Membership

$25 Annually

Non-Profit Organizations

$100 Annually

Corporate/Business - Annual Membership

Starting at $500 and up, based on the size of the company

Project Sponsorship

Longterm Updates and Projects

Contact us at the Arlington Historical Society

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